8 TIPS To KEEP Your Watch Perfect And In GOOD CONDITION

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Expert watchmakers offer 8 tips to protect and maintain one of the most important accessories in our outfit: the watch. Regardless of the climate or environment in which we are, it is important to take into account these recommendations that will prolong the life of the piece.

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1.Out of magnetic fields. You have to keep them away from magnetic fields, such as metal detectors, since you expose your watch to very strong fields, generating inaccuracies, alter the date and time and can even stop.

2.Not being close to certain devices. It is not advisable to leave the clock near computers, televisions or microwaves because, although the magnetic field is minimal between the clocks, it is also not advisable to have them next to each other. If your watch is TIMEX and you have any of these oversights, do not worry, in their service centers they have special devices to demagnetize them.

3.Be careful not to get wet in the sea or pool. If your watch is not for swimming and you wet it in the sea or in the pool it is better that you look for fresh water to wash it and dry immediately.

    4.Clean it so it doesn't get stained. So that your watch does not stain, it is recommended to clean it with a cotton cloth, this because the sweat generates uric acid that causes it to stain. If you are on the beach and you did not take off your watch, it is important to clean it with the cotton cloth dipped in fresh water, since salt water bites the steel.

    5.Remove the straps from heat sources and wash them occasionally. The straps can be fragile and perishable, in the case of metal straps, these are more durable, just try to remove them from sources of heat and wash them occasionally. And if the strap is made of leather and you use your watch every day, the strap lasts approximately 1 year, so it will be an item that you will have to change often.

    7.Check that your watch battery works correctly. What good is a clock without a battery? True, you're welcome. It is important to change the battery before they die or wear out, since a worn out battery can damage the movement of the watch if it is not changed in time. Remember that the life of a battery is almost 3 years.
    Check the movement of your watch. Movement is key in the life of a clock. It must be cleaned periodically since the oils dry out and generate friction that affects the accuracy of the oil. We advise you to check the movement of your watch when you change the battery.

    8.Keep it in its original box.The ideal place to deposit it is its original box, since its durable cover and bearing make the watch free of any blow or the strap is damaged, either leather or steel.

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    If your watch is new, do not hesitate to implement these tips.
    Take care of your watch!
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