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What jewels are still inside the Titanic ?

The RMS Titanic was a British ocean liner, the world's largest ship at the time of its launch.

More than 105 years ago, the Titanic undertook its first and last voyage. On board were many wealthy people of that time who brought countless wealth and works of art valued in millions of dollars to the New World.

What are the legendary treasures that rest at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and why has nobody so far managed to surface them?

As we know from the existing documents, a diamond collection carrying more than 300 million dollars was transported on the ship.

Among its passengers were some of the richest people in the world, in addition to hundreds of Irish, British and Scandinavian immigrants who were looking for a better life in North America.

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The ship was designed to be the ultimate in luxury and comfort, and had a gym, swimming pool, library, fancy restaurants and opulent cabins for first-class travelers.

What jewels are still inside the Titanic ?

It was also equipped with a powerful telegraphy station for passenger and crew use and advanced safety measures, such as the bulkheads of its helmet and watertight gates activated remotely.

However, and due to the obsolete safety regulations of the time, it only carried lifeboats for 1178 passengers, 5 slightly more than half of those on board on its maiden voyage and a third of its total capacity.

One of the most important jewels found in the titanic was:

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The jewel is a diamond pendant in whose center is the heart of the Sea, a gigantic and genuine blue diamond like a sapphire. The owner of the jewel, Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) of the movie Titanic, throws it, at the end of the movie, into the sea, sinking and disappearing forever.

The Heart of the Sea or Heart of the Sea (in English Heart of the Ocean, and in French Cœur de la Mer) is a jewel of French royalty and adapted for the Titanic tape (1997), directed by James Cameron.

Titanic Heart Of Ocean Blue

The most beautiful sea necklace of all time. Talk about a statement! This beautiful super bright necklace is a splendid recreation of the Heart of the Sea Necklace worn by Rose in the famous Titanic movie, and I guarantee you won't want to throw it down the stern of a ship! It is so deliciously heavy, weighing 3 ounces.

The Chain is Sterling Silver, and is composed of Bezel set, cubic zirconia cut in the shape of Teardrop and Marquis, to the right of 17.5 inches long with a lobster clasp, Set in a beautiful rhodium-plated bracelet. Right on top of the pendant there is a beautiful zirconia cut in a trillion and a zirconia cut with a heart. The pendant itself is a Heart-shaped Shining Dark Blue Crystal, measuring approximately 1 3/4 "wide and 2" high.


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